Pass Through

    • Overview

      CBros Physical Security specialises in the design, manufacture & installation of medium to high (attack to Bullet to Blast) resistant barriers. They can be Solid, Glazed or Moving & is a provider of associated products that can be accessed through or around them whist ensuring total integrity of the secure barrier.

      Cbros Physical Security is a trading name of:


    • Security Doors

      Doors are custom designed to suit the client’s needs from fully glazed blast/bullet resistant to AS3555 attack resistant. Whatever the rating, style or finish. Glazed or solid, single or double, swinging or sliding we can assist.

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    • Security Counters

      Fast Rising Security Screens provide an open counter environment for communication and handling of documents or packages with minimal intrusion into the staff client interface.

      This counter is also protected buy one of the many versions of Anti Jump barriers that we manufacture.

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    • Security Counters

      In an instant these screens rise out of the counter providing the full level of protection that is required for your security needs. Activation can be stand alone or fully integrated into your existing hold-up security system.

      CBros via its associated ARA group companies can provide ongoing maintenance programmes to ensure your system is always ready when needed.

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    • Security Windows

      A main entry for a Government department reinforced with Blast and Bullet resistant Glazing incorporated into both the facia and large sliding doors.

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    • Security Windows

      The external glazing on this building is also blast and bullet resistant incorporating one of many of CBros’s proprietary glazing extrusions containing up to 65mm thick glass. Special opening windows were incorporated into the side of the building to facilitate access for cleaning.

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    • Security Pass Through

      Standard models are available and custom variants can also be produced to order.

      Or where remote transfer of cash or documents is required our point to point air tube system is an option.

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